Choosing the right medical care can save time and lives

Make sure you make the right call this winter by selecing the best treatment for your ailments and illnesses. Find useful hints, tips, advice and contact information for care pathways.

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Self care at home

Coughs | Colds | Sore Throats | Mild Chest Infection | Minor Cuts & Grazes | Runny Nose & Other Minor Issues | Alcohol Hangover

Such ailments can be treated with over the counter medicines and plenty of rest.

Local Pharmacy

Migraine | Diarrhoea | Productive Cough | Rash | Mild Aches & Pains | Prescription Problems & Medication Checks | Blood Pressure Checks

Your local pharmacy can offer assessment and advice for a range of symptoms, and in many cases, provide the medicines you need.


Vomiting | Stomach Ache | Severe Back Pain | Persistent Illness & Symptoms | Stop Smoking Support | Alcohol Consumption Support | Painful Cough | Blood Tests

can be treated by your family doctor.

Walk in centre

Sprains & Strains | Minor Burns & Scalds | Minor Illness & Injuries | Stop Smoking & Healthy Lifestyle Support

Check availability in your area because you can self-present at an Urgent Care or Walk In Centre and receive treatment.

NHS 111 Service

Need Medical Help Fast | Think You Need A&E or another NHS Urgent Care Service | Don’t Know Who to Call | Need Health Information or Reassurance

If you’re not sure which NHS service you need, call 111. An advisor will ask you questions to assess your symptoms and then give you the advice you need, or direct you straight away to the best service for you.

999 or Visit A&E

Severe Bleeding | Choking | Breathing Difficulties | Uncontrolled Seizures | Severe Chest Pain | Suspected Stroke | Severe Burns or Scalds | Severe Allergic Reactions

Self-presentation to an emergency department may still be appropriate if your ailment is not life threatening but still requires emergency treatment.